The Real Me

My husband, the engineer, tells me I bring color to his life. I hope to do the same for you.

I was working my way up the corporate ladder when I met the man I love.  We just celebrated our 45th anniversary, and raised a toast to the strength of our shared values and the stamina with which we pursue them.

My girls grew up while I was serving as Director of Operations for a national corporation.  They turned out so well because my husband kept his head and sense of humor when all of us were losing ours.  He remains my light, my love and my best friend.

Bob and I retired to an old ranch in rural Kansas, then to the foothills of Colorado. But hobbies quickly became entrepreneurial businesses, ranging from  New Age practices to horse whispering. Next we moved to Costa Rica, where we struggled with the ‘simple’ life until we learned the simple things took too much work. Now we live on one of the big interconnected lakes in central Florida, and enjoy the wild waterways that start in our backyard.

Cancer is my nemesis.  I survived mine, but all my best efforts could not save my parents, grandparents or finally, my brother.  My battle with the disease taught me that there is more to healing than pills and surgery, more to wellness than diet and exercise and more to life than work and play. There is another dimension, just beneath the surface. Inner worlds I plan to share.

The First Seven: Stories of Deception, contains a few of my favorites. Take a peek and let me hear your thoughts.