Race Day


My first short story, “Race Day” won a place in the Florida Writers Association Anthology, the 2012 Collection “My Wheels.” 

I spent a lot of time in hospitals during one decade of my life, both as a patient and a caregiver. My heroine typifies the many selfless, dedicated nurses who have touched my life with creativity, humor and genuine caring. Bless you, each and every one, for all the ways you help us heal.

More Precious Than Rubies


My second story, “More Precious Than Rubies” was selected for inclusion in the Florida Writers Association 2013 Collection, “It’s A Crime.” 

Most of the action takes place in La Trilla, one of my favorite Costa Rican restaurants. Although my plot is fictional, the helpfulness and genuine concern of the townspeople are portrayed accurately.  All other names have been changed to protect the innocent, the guilty and me.

Your Secret's Safe With Me


“Your Secret’s Safe With Me” received a First Place Royal Palm Literary Award  and placed 8th in  the top ten winners of Writer's Digest 14th International Short Story Contest , earning publication in "Show Us Your Shorts."

Telling a secret carries a devastating price for a young girl and changes the lives of everyone around her in unseen ways.

The Magician


After being honored with inclusion in both the 2013 and 2012 Collections, my husband urged me to attempt what he termed a ‘threepeat.’ Easy for him to say. I spent the day struggling for a viable idea and went to bed feeling hopeless. Around 4 am, a fierce Moroccan soldier woke me out of a sound sleep. He jumped out of his chair and pointed a cat at me, ready to fire. I surrendered. 

Ibn Al-Adin, a Moroccan freedom fighter, won a place in my heart and his story, “The Magician” won a place in the 2014 Collection entitled Important Firsts. His story later became a Finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Awards.

Jumping The Fence


“Jumping The Fence” captures a pivotal moment in a young girl’s life, as the structure of her family shatters and she discovers new growth in the aftermath.

Her story was selected for The 2015 Florida Writers Association Collection #7 entitled Revisions: Stories of Starting Over and went on to win First Place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards.



It started with a Facebook post:

My grand daughter in Tuscaloosa found this in the roadway this morning on her way to work.  Bet there's an interesting story behind it....

Defiance won Honorable Mention over a field of 250 applicants in the Women On Writing Flash Fiction contest.



A workshop offered by The Florida Writers Association explained how to publish a book for Kindle. I love a challenge! When I found Kim Dang’s mask, I knew it would be my cover. A publishing guru advised me to put a number in my title to stimulate interest.

Four of the above winners were available for reprint: “Race Day,” “More Precious Than Rubies,” “The Magician,” and “Your Secret’s Safe With Me.” Three flash fiction stories completed the anthology: “The Perfect Dad,” “Wish Upon A Star,” and “Defiance,” which has since won Honorable Mention in a Women On Writing contest.